Industrial flooring for our company to perform our services, bringing together all issues floors. From design, choice of materials, the comprehensive performance guarantee an investor a good place to ensure the money spent.

Industrial flooring can be briefly divided into: concrete floors - cement-based and synthetic floors - based resin. Industrial flooring is based concretes durable and extremely cost-effective solution for high-performance technical, aesthetic and mechanical resistance. They are widely used in the storage industry, food, pharmaceutical and even in hazardous areas. There are no universal solution that virtually none of the resulting object now is to be able to get around.

Development of construction chemicals in the supplementary materials such as sprinkles, preservatives, fiber reinforcement and expansion materials rose significantly effect the immune and video performed floors, and their life has increased to more than 20 years.
As an important part of the building structure is easy to see the floor trying to fix poorly constructed floor. Design errors, poor analysis of loads, improper operation, improper selection of floor loads are the most common causes of damage the floor. Our company deals with complex repair of industrial floors from design to repair various specific elements: joints,
chip off surface, the full-surface repair.

Industrial Resin Floors is a flooring made to existing concrete surfaces. Their mission is to enhance the immune values ​​and ensure complete niepylności existing floor. Use, as in the case of concrete, is different and is an effective solution in areas where concrete flooring operation can not withstand chemistry.
Industrial flooring underlayment is also a thin-film, self-leveling and dynamic department of decorative flooring for industrial

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