Decorative Floors are exclusive technology for investors who appreciate above all the "otherness" of your floor from floors found in areas with standard equipment.
Galleries, banquet halls, reception areas, showrooms luxury goods, offices, apartments and villas - all of these areas may be "unique" - the only one of its kind. Each of the floors of this type is its own work of art, virtually impossible to replicate. Reflect the unique character of the room, increase its attractiveness and prove its uniqueness.
Due to the unlimited design practice, technology outweigh the potential composition floors made ​​of stone, wood and panels. A considerable advantage is the speed of execution and price in relation to the floor with a very complex joint designs.
We would like to draw your attention to another aspect of the benefits of resin technology. Stone floor with marble slabs and terrazzo floors lead to massive load of that floor and the reinforcement. However, the floor made ​​of polymer technology to minimize the burden on the ceiling! Durability are equal (and sometimes greater than) traditional technologies. And their design, light weight, abrasion resistance and character are unmatched among other technologies ...
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