Matexi Decorative floors - resin  and cement

We create a new quality in the construction of floors. Our projects have been made in the technology developed during many years of practice. Our website features photos of our projects without leaning on foreign pages of photos from western companies. Unique floor made from the finest materials allows us to meet any
planned project. The floor is not yellowing white gloss paint identical to the piano, the infinite possibility of using decors submerged in transparent and UV-stable materials, design floors of identical appearance operating inside and outside-are just a few features of our solutions. If you join this impact resistance, low friction and ease of cleaning are close to ideal. The floor has become a part of a whole architectural complex. This creates endless possibilities in interior design shops, residences, apartments, exhibition areas, offices and showrooms. Possibility of walls, cabinets, bookcases, shelves in the same technology as the floor is another hint for designers.
Possibility of stairs in full gloss, with a non-slip texture or mat. Protection against migrant rubber floor and traces of a shoe. Create exclusive execution is our way of satisfaction of our customers.
Many years of experience and the highest quality materials and enjoy your own.

The company's development and use of technology:

• 1988 - start a business,
• 1989 - the use of chemicals wysokocząsteczkowej the security of steel structures,
• 1990 - to start repair of concrete structures using materials PCC and ECC,
• 1994 - expansion of resin flooring contractor: parking, storage, chemical-resistant, anti-static,
• 1995 - industrial flooring DST technology
• 1996 - First Projects decorative
• Since 1996, decorative and industrial flooring applications exclusive

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